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"For me, one of the most influential roles in the fruition of new works is that of the director. As a director, I’m often the artist who has the privilege of piecing together disparate parts of the story collaging them together and ultimately taking the story from the page to the stage. With theatre being a collaborative art form, I see myself as just a part of the whole conglomerate of writers, performers, and designers at service to telling the story. My approach to new work is the same as licensed revivals, I am focused on finding the best way to reveal the story. I take great pleasure in finding the spine and tone of every work I direct and communicating that to the audience clearly."





36 Questions by Chris Littler and Ellen Winter, 2023

The Unmasking of Serafina by Jacob Nuti, 2022

The Single Girls Guide by Gordon Greenberg and Tommy Newman, 2021

Dust by Kira Rangel & Braden Tanner, 2020

Aces in a City of Gold by Travis Ulrich, 2020
Lavender Mist and Other Short Musical Plays by Megan Sperger, 2019

Boats, Affairs, and the Wind in Your Hair by Megan Sperger, 2018

Lady Parts conceived and directed in partnership with Jaclyn Salgado, 2018

Keep on Dreaming conceived and directed in partnership with Megan Sperger, 2018

Nothing to Prove conceived and directed in partnership with Kenny Tran, 2017

All The Kids Are Doing It by Joey Contreras & Kate Thomas, 2012

Lucky Nurse and other short Musicals by Michael John LaChiusa, 2011

Winter of the Fall by Lawrence Rush 2009

Edges by Pasek & Paul 2007

Donne in Amore: Heroines in Verse conceived by Scott Susong, Tour of Italy, 2007

Time & Places by Jane Dewire, 2006

Simple Gifts conceived by Scott Susong, Tour of Greece 2005

Blue Pyg Worship by Scott Susong, 2004

Lindbergh Baby Kidnapped! by Kenneth Alan Vega, 2001

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In rehearsal for Aces in A City of Gold


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